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"I want to dedicate this to the next generations of queer Pasifika Kids – Dream BIG, Live BIG and AIM HIGH."

Hi there – I just want to say a BIG thank you for taking the time to look into "BROWN SUGAR CHILD".  


This you are about to dive into, is my very first exhibition project, however, definitely not my last. I started this project three years ago during the pandemic, and it wasn't the easiest process due to its restrictions. I am so proud of the ending results.  


I do not feel this is the last of BROWN SUGAR CHILD, as this series is forever growing, moving and existing in real time as I grow into my highest self and as I explore my achievements and losses. I hope for this series to  transition through to the many art forms that I currently use to express myself, whether that be music, dance, motion picture or photography.  


I hope to inspire, impact and liberate my people, the LGBTQIA+ community, especially those who identify as POC. 

- by Christian Stewart

Brown Sugar Child is a three part photography based project, creative directed by Christian Iulai Stewart, also known as JULAI

JULAI explores three specific events in their life that has helped shape the person they are today, tilted, BROWN SUGAR, UNISEX and DEVINE BODIES. 

brown sugar chil

Opening up the project up in a Brown coloured western outfit, veiled across the face in pink lace and body length bow that screams, “THE GIFT”

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welcome world

BROWN SUGAR displays Christian’s identity as a second generation queer Pasifika (Samoan)