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1 “What does being a BADDIE BTTM mean to you”
Taking ownership of your cunt. Wear that cunt. Speak that cunt. Be that cunt. Being a BADDIE BTTM you carry yourself with a high energy and aura in everything you do. To put it simple: Dom in the streets. Sub in the sheets. By choice. 

1 “How have you found power through this understanding?” 
Living in the present moment with the BADDIE BTTM attitude allows me to envision my future self by being that person today. At the end of the day, my soul is rooting for me to get this life. And that’s the tea.



Being a BADDIE BTTM to me means to embody my sensuality and freely express my sexuality however I choose to. It means to be assertive in demanding of what you want and giving myself the space to voice that. It means to reverse the roles and take back my own power by owning who I am, to honour the body I am in and worship every step I take. Being a BADDIE BTTM to me means to be intentional with my movement, from the way I show up to the way I speak all the way to how I very simply shake my ass. I discovered power through this understanding when I felt how in tune with myself I was. How uplifted I felt, how in synch I was to myself and the world around me. The power lead me to be comfortable enough to ask for exactly what I deserve and sit pretty as I received it with open arms, just cause I wanted it. I realised this was a powerful discovery as I also began to impact others — and for that I will never not live a day promoting the BADDIE BTTM lifestyle.



I've come to recognise that being a "BADDIE" is to be assertive and take up space. To never apologise for the power and essence I hold, to never dim my light just to make another comfortable. This can be through how I express myself through what I wear, my demeanour or how I operate. 
And to be "BTTM" doesn't mean I've given up my power to my "TOP" it means I'm "ALLOWING" you to feel a sense of power, but without my willingness to place that in your hands, it's not yours. It's my innate understanding that power is subjective. I am confident and sure enough with myself to know that just because I've submitted, does not mean I'm powerless. 


What does being a baddie bottom mean to you

Being a baddie bottom is embracing your dark feminine energy. It’s seductive, charming and alluring, they can’t get enough of you. A baddie bottom knows and understands the power their presence holds. Selective with their energy and mindful of their time, a baddie bottom will always prioritise their mental A baddie in the bedroom and a baddie in the streets, we all love a baddie bottom 


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