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A letter from JULAI

As a teenager, the suppression was real. I never felt safe to discuss my queerness, whether it was romantically or sexually. Ultimately, I feared judgment from people who couldn't or chose not to understand my experience. I felt voiceless as I lived and moved in spaces that were limited with queer representation. This also meant, having internal conflicts with self and culture, feeling “plastic” or “white washed”, as I didn’t fit the box our people created, limiting ourselves to what felt familiar.


For a long time I let it control and sway me away from my identity as both a Pasifika, and queer person.

It wasn’t until I found my love for artist Frida Kahlo, where I found my interest in symbolism. I was and am still to this day am heavily inspired by Kahlo’s understanding of self expression, and with this, I applied it to myself, making it my mission to figure out who I was and my purpose in life.

I moved through spaces like the night life scene, working both as a booth waiter/bartender and admin specialising in data entry. The thing that this experience has taught me is that, if I don't try to aim high and chase my dreams and goals, this is where I’ll be. and so with that knowledge, I quit my 9-5 data entry job and channeled all my focus onto my craft.

During the pandemic, the forced isolation with my brothers (who are very musically talented), we would spend so much of our time in my bedroom (our garage), and I decided to pick up the mic and create my first Soundcloud track, “COFFEE’n’SEX”. and the crazy thing is that I never had intentions to make music, I only wanted to have fun and connect with my brothers. I can definitely say, the most special part of this is after reflecting on how much this fun side project has fed me soulfully; has been the blessing of having an outlet to express my queerness unapologetically.

2022, has been such a pivotal year for me as I have performed for events such as MIDSUMMA, RAINBOW CLUB HOUSE, GAYTIMES, Opening for Vetta Borne, Haiku Hands and many more events.


It only makes me super excited to see the spaces I'll take up whilst creating a space for others to feel liberated and feel safe to express their true self. I'll see you there"

Love you x

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